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Photovoltaics/Renewable Energy for residential, agriculture and forestry, commerce, industry and public authorities

30.003 kWp

12.198 tons

energy capacity

CO² avoidance

Our company

Our goal is to make our world a little more sustainable every day. close. Our team works day after day  we are working hard to ensure that HELIO-SOLAR makes its contribution to protecting the climate and thus protecting our next generations.
In order to be able to offer optimal solutions, we spend a lot of time and effort. with CO2-free energy provision through photovoltaic systems for our customers, to understand the wishes and needs of our customers and to support them in moving towards a CO2-free future.

We will continue to fight tirelessly to transform our world into a green one.


HELIO SOLAR stands for energy management advice and implements photovoltaics/renewable energy systems for

                Housing, agriculture and forestry, commerce and industry, as well as public authorities

also as special contracting models or provides supports to you in the implementation of your photovoltaic/renewable energy project right up to solar farming.


Our support for YOU: 

We offer independent advice for your renewable energy project and use simple methodical approaches to take care of your project with regard to technical and legal (construction law/investment law/public tendering, etc.) framework conditions and have extensive experience with funding, tailored to your needs.


We know what we can do: 

Thanks to our practical experience in real estate and plant construction, we offer you technically neutral, comprehensive energy and implementation advice and construction, which is also recognized by public authorities:

  • PV systems: roof/facade/greenfield/agriculture/energy storage/outdoor facilities (including parking spaces, etc.)

  • Deep heat/heat pump

  • waste heat

  • Heat supply systems

  • Light efficiency

We care personally  to address your concerns and thus optimize your investment. From a financial point of view, you remain the master of your project and do not have to deal with volatile external financing projects and the resulting risk and overhead costs and therefore always have an overview, regardless of whether you are private, SME or industrial:

Needs assessment





For this purpose, we offer simplified implementation tools regarding reporting and CO2 certificate collection for your SME and industry in collaboration with your tax team.

We are listed in the BMK as an Internal and External Energy Auditor according to §17 EffG and also have experience with EMAS certification as an auditor



"Great results require great ambition" (Heraklit)

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A-2540 Bad Vöslau, Energiestrasse 2

+43 660 7242 582

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